Self Diagnostics

Palace of Culture East

Palace of Culture East

There are many routes to discover in Warsaw, this is one of my favorite ones. Starting point is the palm tree at Jerusalem Avenue. From there you cross the bridge towards National Stadion. There you turn left and run through the wonderful Skaryszew Park direction bohemian Praga, pass the old St. Petersburg Station and the zoo to cross the river again. On the other side you run down again along the riverbank. Most impressing for me there was Copernikus Science Center. During my visit there was an exhibition with manifold machines for self diagnostics. Never heard before about some constructs that can be diagnosed, also strongly influencing individual well-being and are not tested with a doctor. It was possible to store the results via RFID and get them via eMail. Unfortunately I lost the mail with the results somehow. Certainly a huge future market.

Jerusalem Avenue

Jerusalem Avenue

Strava, Run, 4.3.2013

Strava, Run, 4.3.2013


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