Acceleration and Relaxation

Limmathof Baden

Limmathof Baden

Probably not one of the most beautiful routes in Switzerland, but a very fast, informative and rewarding one. The Limmattal is probably the most important development project in the country. Starting point is Europabrücke in Zürich. The first kilometers lead westwards along effortful recultivated river sceneries. Later some sequences lead along the new planned Limmattalrailway, some along the motorway. At Würenlos you run through major motorway services. The left side of the valley is rather urban, with the corresponding infrastructure, the right side rather rural. In Spreitenbach I have seen my first Nestlé Shop. Another topic to think about. From Neuenhof you follow the street direction Baden. Baden is a nice medieval town with a scenic city center and castle ruin on the hill. Many building are witnessing the rich cultural and industrial history. Due to structural changes much industries have disappeared and the area is focussing more on the reactivation of the extensive spa and wellness scene.

Strava, Run, 5.8.2014

Strava, Run, 5.8.2014




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