Flash Mobs and Culture

The first time a Flash Mob promoting fitness took place at the finish of my runs. The action was organized by a local pharmacy in Winterthur celebrating its 175 anniversary. The participants got a free medical check-up and a Bratwurst. Was cheating a little bit with the time by starting at ETH Hönggerberg in Zürich. From there the first three kilometers are a nice downhill route. From there I just followed the easy and quite flat route direction Winterthur. I stopped at the half marathon distance at Rossberg short before the city border. Besides the flash mob I found a huge post industrialized area you probably know from other cities in the world, used for many purposes now. Examples for the lofty architecture are the australian restaurant or the fitness area. In the city there was a demonstration against the media, an initiative presenting Fablab and a music festival took place. Without doubt a very vivid and manifold cultural scene for a city of this size.

Sulzer Areal

Sulzer Areal

Strava, Run, 23.08.2014

Strava, Run, 23.08.2014




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