Marathon des Trois Cantons

Vilette Cham

Vilette Cham

An advantage of the size of Switzerland is that you can pass several cantons or even counties within a medium or long distance run in many regions. This one starts in Adligenswil near Zurich and leads further to Zug over to Küssnacht in Schwyz. If I had started one village later in Langnau I would have even collected four.  The easy uphill route along the river of Sihl is leading through a nice natural park. From Sihlbrugg the way leads down to Baar, along the Lorze with the interesting Industriepfad Lorze further to Zug. The route around the lake of Zug is amazingly beautiful. First you cross a rather marshy landscape, then you find yourself in the castle park of Cham, later of Buenas. From Gut Aabach you take the street to Küssnacht at the lake of Lucerne. Here we are.

Strava, Run, 30.09.2014

Strava, Run, 30.09.2014


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