Higher Grounds



Höhronen is doubtlessly the best area in the area of Zurich to train elevations. There are five difficulty levels. The way up to Hütten is quite easy along some fields and the street. From there up to Gottschalkenberg is the steepest part of the route leading crosscountry through a forrest. Further up to Höhronen is a bit simpler. There you are faced with already impressive gorges to train your balance and acrophobia. Along the route you find the Dreiländerstein, where the cantons of Zurich, Zug and Schwyz meet. Then you get rewarded by six kilometers downhill to Kaltenboden. There you cross the Sihl and follow the moderate elevation up the Etzel. Quick downhill and up again to Oberegg with a wonderful view at the lake area. Easy eight final kilometers down to Egg and the lake of Sihl to Willerzell. The impressive bridge over the lake leads to Einsiedeln with its famous monastery, medieval city and christmas market. At the moment the monastry square is being renovated and you can buy stones with your name to finance it.

Strava, Run, 01.12.2014

Strava, Run, 01.12.2014



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