Ice, Ice, Baby.

A relatively flat route good for practising street runs. An excellent way for exploring the Linthal with its impressive genesis. The lake of Zurich for example was formed by the melting of the Linth glacier. Since then the area has always been in movement, cultivated several times and recently renaturated. There is also a parcours showing important steps of the industrialisation of the 19th century. Finish in Glarus, the smallest canton capital of Switzerland with its famous Landsgemeinde. In the town hall there are excellent reliefs to visualize the area, which are showing the advancements in geology and robotics in the last hundred years. The analogy to my latest hobbies neuroscience and artificial intelligence is emotion and sentiment analysis, closely related to attention, memory and decision making, (re)calculated every minute of our lifes. Loving also the route directly along the Linth, remembering me a bit of a song of Pegasus.

Strava, Run, 03.12.2014

Strava, Run, 03.12.2014


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