Strange Situations

Holzegg, Einsiedeln

Holzegg, Einsiedeln

This day I wanted to check the way and elevation from Einsiedeln to Mythen. As mostly I did not look on a map before the run. The route along the Alpthal is quite agreable and easy. Frpm Brunni the way leads upwards to Holzegg. This part was a bit complicated, since the area was completely snow covered or icy and people were skiing. When I arrived at Holzegg, the top station, it was nearly dark and I found out that there was no cableway going down anymore. I knew, that it would be impossible to walk down at night in either direction with my ordinary sneakers. So I did not know what to do. Fortunately I found an opened skiing house. The only guests were a couple from Lucerne, very experienced with situations in the mountains. So they offered to guide me down. He was walking in the front with a headlamp, me in the middle with her high quality snowshoes, and she behind me without snowshoes. Even though not seeing anything, I enjoyed the ducks gear down very much, and could have walked much longer. Certainly the gear is not unimportant to make positive experiences. Then they drove me to Einsiedeln, were I went on the train back home. All together a perfect experience to track and share with appropriate VR cams.

Holzegg, Schwyz

Holzegg, Schwyz

Strava, Run, 7.1.2015

Strava, Run, 7.1.2015


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