Games without Frontiers

Morgarten Denkmal

Morgarten Denkmal

Another historical walk. Having dealt much with the past, this history is quite special. The conflict in this area was caused by the intended structural change in farming and lead to the foundation of later Switzerland. People were refusing to produce and eat what their authorities wanted and tricked them out with their geographical knowledge of the region. Today there are still hundreds of “statistical” tribes living in the country, the cantons of Zug and Schwyz don’t always agree about where exactly the battle took place, the monuments are erected and celebrations are held. So some are in Zug, some in Schwyz. Swiss conservatives were planning parade grounds there, but the left wing won against them. At the moment manifold historical buildings are re erected. Some of them are financed with crowdfunding. Indifferently it is another amazingly beautiful route. The valley of Aegeri is a cycling highway with hundreds of sportsmen on their way. For reports about the way up to Gottschalkenberg check my other reviews in the chapter Zug.



Strava, Run, 26.04.2015

Strava, Run, 26.04.2015




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