Conservatives and Liberals

Bahnhof Malters

Bahnhof Malters

A wonderful route to train two elevation gains. Starting in Kriens the first elevation leads up to Holderchäppeli and Schwarzenberg. On the way you are passing the most beautiful cows of the region at Schürhof. In Schwarzenberg you hear cowbells in dolby surround. The way down to Malters is a great downhill track along the street. If you survive it on Saturday evenings you are probably quite flexible. The second elevation from Malters up to Hellbühl is quite easy and followed by a relaxed downhill to Sempach-Neuenkirch. At the route you could for example think about the history of this villages. The historical liberal Schwarzenberg and the conservative Malters or the war of Sempach. The deals of people, communites, monastries and nobilities. Of course all about money and politics. Some accidental events, having consequences decades later. Semantically sometimes that tricky that It takes ages to read one page of it. Migros Neuenkirch is the quietest Migros I have ever been to in this size. I bought a Suisse Mania album there and thought about some more realistic applications. If you combine it maybe an inspiration for new business models.

Strava, Run, 14.9.2015

Strava, Run, 14.9.2015




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