My favorite route along the north side of the pilatus chain. The way from Obernau up to Lehnhof is offering a wonderful view over the area of Lucerne. At the top of this segment is a drug clinic. From there the sight is reaching from Rigi to Albis and the Zurich area. The way to Schwarzenberg is quite relaxed, downhill along a brook. There you will find a moderate but steady elevation to Stäfeli. At Trochenmatt the army is sometimes playing adventure games. Never reading the announcements but was not killed yet. The farmer at Risentenalp is playing classical music for his cows on sunset. The following area there is a UNESCO reserve for Biodiversity. The downhill route to Entlebuch is a wonderful finale. You get rewarded there by the wonderful seats of Nina 32. My favorite train interior, spacy and comfortable. Was also running this route by night at fullmoon. Then the whole scenery looks a bit like a landscape on another planet.



BLS, Nina

BLS, Nina

Strava, Run, 24.09.15

Strava, Run, 24.09.15


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