Fantasy, Ladders and History

Waldstätterweg, Weggis, Vitznau

Waldstätterweg, Weggis, Vitznau

From Küssnacht to Weggis I followed the familiar route up to Seebodenalp and Alp Ruodisegg. From Weggis I turned into the the Waldstätterweg leading to Vitznau. This part of the historical way leading around the lake is without doubt one of the most beautiful ones. In this case it is not the wonderful view but the fantasy character making the route special to me. The way is leading through a forrest along some huge rocks, with dozens of smaller rocks of different sizes and modifications. Some are covered with moss, from others trees or other plants are growing. If it was raining before and it is a bit foggy and windy, it is like some are alive and talking to you. You might follow the whole historical way to Vitznau. In this case you will have to climb ladders up the rocks. Otherwise you might take the easier way down to Marina Weggis. From there the new more comfortable road leads to Vitznau. Vitznau is famous for the start of the tourism in central Switzerland. The Rigibahn enabled thousands of people to have an easy ride up the mountain. Before that farmers had to carry the noblest ones to the top. Loving the old turntable and harbor at the valley station. If you are hungry, check the restaurants at Park Hotel. They belong to the best in Switzerland: Gault Millau Rankings.



Strava, Run, 14.10.2015

Strava, Run, 14.10.2015


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