Party and Pilgrimage

Wallfahrtskirche Hergiswald

Wallfahrtskirche Hergiswald

Another great route to train elevations. This way up to Holderchäppeli leads not via Schürhof with the beautiful cows but through Hergiswald. There you pass Schützenhaus Stalden and the wonderful chapel and restaurant of Hergiswald. A comfortable and cosy place where you could eat from the gutter. Obviously they are renovating it now. The impressive interior of the chapel is inviting people to think about diverse human phenomena. Due to the Winterdaydance the social and accustical ambiance was a bit different than usual but quite entertaining. Through Schwarzenberg the musical frame was relaxing cowbells in dolby surround as mostly. The fast way down to Malters is the easiest segment of the route. There I took the way along the street to Littau a major steel center of Switzerland. Next time I will take the Emmenuferweg.

Restaurant Hergiswald

Restaurant Hergiswald

Strava, Run, 30.01.2016

Strava, Run, 30.01.2016


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