Technology and Customer Service


This route led me over the hills along the river of Root. From Mount Rigi they are looking like a crocodile. It was snowing in the morning, so I tried this easier way.  Up the first hill via Utenberg to Dietschiberg was surprisingly quite steep and muddy, so I had to crawl the last part on all fours. Down the first valley was a bit tricky. Unfortunately nobody from Ringier, the publishing house having a branch there, was reporting about my efforts. The ways up to Dottenberg and Rooterberg where easier.  At Rootenberg it was already dark and quite snowy, so I had to look for the easiest way down with some gut feeling.  Arrived at Rotkreuz I was amused by the sales person at Avec, standing behind a huge customer service award. From Ringier I know, that they are experimenting with manyfold technological innovations the publisher is not always amused by and vice versa. Probably that is why the university of Lucerne is setting up the informatics department there to engage, research and make sense of this strategy game. Of course a global jungle and phenomenom.




Strava, Run, 8.3.2016

Strava, Run, 8.3.2016


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