Ways, Ways, Ways.

Strava Multiple Ride Mapper, Jonathan O'Keeffe

Strava Multiple Ride Mapper, Jonathan O’Keeffe

After nearly five years of running I decided to have a closer look at the analysis, visualization and presentation possibilities of my runs. Till 2016 I tracked and stored my data in several isolated solutions. It took me several weeks to discover Strava for the improved analysis and the multiple ride mapper from Jonathan O’Keeffe for the visualization of my entire running history. I managed it easily to integrate the corresponding RSS feed into my blogs (right column). Probably my fault not to care enough about this points, thinking Garmin and Runkeeper are sufficient.

First I was disappointed that the internet or marketing departments didn’t suggest me an improvement of my tools, but am finally happy that I was able to integrate my whole running history. Loving it how those maps are generated fast forward, and to think about, why I ran which route, how I explored the environment, what I was thinking about and how I think about it now. Consequently I was delighted by the thought, that the machines are able to make sense of my history, even it was not possible for me at the time it occured, and that in realtime. Additionally I am able to strengthen some routes, connecting them or discover new ones.

Thinking about the further amelioration of the presentation, I am still facing some problems, due to my lacking skills in programming, conceptional and economical questions. Furthermore I am going to strengthen WordPress as primary content management system, add further optimization tools and to improve my tracking respectively recording skills in order to get hints for further improvement.


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