Dottenberg, Adligenswil

Dottenberg, Adligenswil

Was improving the route from Löwenplatz to Meggenhorn today. On the right fringe you see Löwenplatz at the left Meggenhorn. So I went up to Golf Club Lucerne at Dietschiberg, down to Adligenswil, up to this point at Dottenberg, where I took the photo. Then the battery was empty, so I published it at the finish at Schloss Meggenhorn on Instagram. Then I took a photo from Schloss Meggenhorn, and the battery was empty again. So I went to Hermitage and published the Schloss Meggenhorn photo on Instagram there. Maybe I should take a more weather resistant battery with me. I like this Instagram Strava connection, but due to the metadata of the photos, I have to take them with the regular mobile photo software, than edit them, and put them on whatever community, enabling me some sort of tracking. A bit complicated during running. Additionally they are just integrating Instagram photos from during and a few minutes before and after the run. So I need a map and a blog to integrate all this data. Due to problems with showing iFrames and embeds in the newsfeed of Tumblr I decided to move this Blog to WordPress. In order not to confuse my other WordPress Blog a new one. Still have to find a solution with the maps.

Schloss Meggenhorn, Meggen

Schloss Meggenhorn, Meggen

Strava, Run, 03.05.2016

Strava, Run, 03.05.2016




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