Perron, Bahnhof, Alpnach

Perron, Bahnhof, Alpnach

Today a new route. The works at Alpnach station are nearly finished. The first kilometer is quite quick, followed by an agreable climb up to Mueterschwanderberg. Wonderful route on the plateau between Pilatus and Stansorhorn. Due to a steep gorge no eastward way down from Drachenflue, so I tried the way via Zingel, still too steep. I made it somehow via Hostetten. Further along nice vinyards at Ennetmoos to Stans. Buddah Bar was most busy with a nice view to Stanserhornbahn with its historic cable cars and modern cabrio gondolas. Experimenting a bit wit IFTTT.

Strava Run, 9.5.2016

Strava Run, 9.5.2016

Buddah Bar, Stans

Buddah Bar, Stans



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