Rigi Royal

Lake of Zug

Lake of Zug

Rigi Royal, Immensee

Rigi Royal, Immensee

Today I am going to show you a wonderful Rooterberg Rigi route. From Dierikon up the Götzental. At the curve left direction farm. Loving this way through the Grossbergwald. The way across this brook is a bit tricky, since the bridge is quite morbid. If you survive it, the way leads further uphill. At KM 6 you get rewarded by wonderful 4 downhill kilometers to Oberbuenas and further to Meierskapell. Accidentially found a delicious  yoghurt produced there one day later. Could eat soup bowl of yoghurt. As already mentioned in another post, nearly every village and farm in this country has  unique food. Then the way leads around the village further to Immensee. Up again a very steep elevation direction Seebodenalp. Then down to Küssnacht, the way I usually go up. Wonderful views at the Lake of Zug from several directions.

Strava, Run, 24.06.2016

Strava, Run, 24.06.2016


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