Well, well, well.

Titlis Palace Engelberg

Titlis Palace Engelberg

Forgot that I have a triathlon watch, since I did not practice it for a longer time, so I tracked the first kilometer as swimming. Obviously my body also remarked that I crossed the lake yesterday. But quite easy and wonderful route up to Engelberg and an extension of my running map. Obviously the way along the river is nicer, but I was not in the mood for trails today. Finish at the Grand Hotel Titlis Palace building site. The first five star hotel of Obwalden. Strongman Run Switzerland is taking place there. Of course easier as the German one, I was participating at. Then I went to a nightclub. Never payed two Franks for an apple spritzer. The younger folks asked my why I was freezing, were I came from and if I had been there before. When I told them that it was about 30 years ago, they asked me how it was there at that time. The only thing I could remember was, that my sister had a car accident with a total loss but no personal damage the way up there. Probably they did not amuse me with the stories of the friendship of the different villages and their investors in the region then, I vividly can imagine now. And of course they and we are all the best.

Strava Run, 09.09.2016

Strava Run, 09.09.2016



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