Perceptual Maps and Memory

Relive Video

Relive Video

A wonderful route to train elevation climbs of more than 1.000 meters. Starting at Ennethorw, the way leads up to Schwendelberg. From there further up to Fräkmüntegg and over to Alpgschänd. Of course the Instagram photos are better. From there a speedy way leads down to Hergiswil with the wonderful houses along Seestrasse. On the way back to Ennethorw along the estuarine environment is a little natural park with rare animals like snakes. Loving the improvements of running analytics and perceptual resumes like Relive. If you connect Strava with Relive before your run, and label your run manually as cycling at the finish, you get a wonderful Relive movie via eMail, some hours later. Certainly a huge potential for virtual and enhanced reality applications.




Strava, Run, 29.09.2016

Strava, Run, 29.09.2016




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