Mittelpunkt der Zentralschweiz


Start today in Hergiswil to check the construction progress of the Bürgenstock Resort and other parts of the area. At the top I was running against a steep slope, because I did not check the route on the map before. Now I know why this area with a beautiful view is called Honegg. So I went down…

Relive Video

Perceptual Maps and Memory

A wonderful route to train elevation climbs of more than 1.000 meters. Starting at Ennethorw, the way leads up to Schwendelberg. From there further up to Fräkmüntegg and over to Alpgschänd. Of course the Instagram photos are better. From there a speedy way leads down to Hergiswil with the wonderful houses along Seestrasse. On the…

Hergiswil, Lopper, Stansstad

Up and down we go again

Just wanted to check my projects at Ressort Bürgenstock and Villa Honegg. Enjoy the amazing roundshot site and pool. Lets call the way the new royal route. First a moderate climb up to Brunni, then the fast track down to Hergiswil, with a beautiful view. Then over to Stansstad along the lakeside and up the rocky road…

Seehotel Sternen

Sea Crossings

Have to swim more often. This sea crossing is about one kilometer. But maybe there are endless managable distances and combinations at this lake. And no I don’t work for this hotel, but am loving its advertising.

Seehotel Pilatus, Sunbeds

Nid seckla bi de Tier

  First 1.000 meter in nearly four months, but still a bit slower. Found another way up to adventure area Fräkmüntegg. Careful on the top, because the farmer warned me last year not to run, when in his cow’s pasture, and I had a red T-Shirt on. The way down along the brook was a…


Rigi Royal

Today I am going to show you a wonderful Rooterberg Rigi route. From Dierikon up the Götzental. At the curve left direction farm. Loving this way through the Grossbergwald. The way across this brook is a bit tricky, since the bridge is quite morbid. If you survive it, the way leads further uphill. At KM 6 you…

D4 Business Village Luzern


  Quite nice weather today. Start at D4 Root Business Village. Community best at my beloved Dorfstrasse Climb. On top at the farm some people cheering me up. Easier again up to Seeboden. Obviously the body is adapting to elevation profiles. Passed Ruedisegg exactely when the Illumination of the Flagpost went on. So happily the…