Luzern 2015

Lucerne 2015

The most spontanous one. Just decided in the morning to participate. Already did a few ultra marathons in the area some weeks earlier. Liked those tunnels on the way, through a factory and KKL. Also liked the personal movies from Asics, unfortunately not working always or anymore.     Advertisements

Vilette Cham

Marathon des Trois Cantons

An advantage of the size of Switzerland is that you can pass several cantons or even counties within a medium or long distance run in many regions. This one starts in Adligenswil near Zurich and leads further to Zug over to Küssnacht in Schwyz. If I had started one village later in Langnau I would have…

Zürich Marathon 2014

Zurich 2014

A bit worse than the last, maybe because the sun was shining, and I enjoyed the view. Unfortunately no vouchers anymore.    

RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne

Cologne 2012

Nearly forgot Cologne in the review, probably because it was just between breakfast and lunch. Liked the food at the finish powered by Rewe. Did he mean me, with the hottest boxer short?      

Garmin® Forerunner® 910XT

Easier than you think

Don’t want to miss to tell you about my first triathlon test. Wanted to check the changing mode of my garmin multisports watch, which worked perfect. Only the tracking n the pool looks a bit weird.. Although I had no special gear and did it with regular bathing shorts, sneakers and a street bike, I perceived…

StrongmanRun, Nürburgring, 2012

StrongmanRun, Nürburgring 2012

First StrongmanRun. At a certain stage you don’t know what you are doing anymore. Running, Icewater, Electric Schocks, Mudcrawling, Hayjumping, Ropeclimbing and so on. All together the best runners high.