Coal Mine, Käpfnach

Power Places

Most impressive on this route is Aabachtobel a former coal mine now obviously a spiritual power place. A recently built metal bridge and stairway is enabling the complete passing of the valley.     Advertisements



Another surprisingly beautiful route from the Lake of Zurich to the Lake of Zug. The part along the Sihl, marking the border between the two cantons is amazing. It feels a bit like in an adventure game, Sometimes you cross dark tunnels through rocks, then you run under waterfalls, to walk along some gorges at…

Richterswil, Station

Drugs, Design and Taxes

A wonderful half marathon route with moderate elevation at the southbank of the Lake of Zurich. Starting at Wädenswil the way leads up across the fields to Samstagern. From there the way goes further up along the street to Schindellegi. There you get rewarded by a long and fast downhill route to Pfäffikon with a nice…

Morgarten Denkmal

Games without Frontiers

Another historical walk. Having dealt much with the past, this history is quite special. The conflict in this area was caused by the intended structural change in farming and lead to the foundation of later Switzerland. People were refusing to produce and eat what their authorities wanted and tricked them out with their geographical knowledge of the region. Today there are…


History, Cultural Spaces and the Nature

Another multifaceted route leading through various scenic and sociocultural areas. The starting point is Rapperswil with its pitoresque old town with many arts and crafts shops, bars along the lake and castle on the hill. Don’t ask me about the sense of the huge words standing always on the market. The way leads 15 kilometers…

Glasi Hergiswil

Lake of Zug

Wonderful way along the lake of Zug. Loved the finish at Arth. At the Supermarket there was a corner where the conditions and rewards of the loyalty programs where shown. Among others there was an exhibition of glass from Hergiswil. The old man who looked amazed at it asked me, how much is it?


Higher Grounds

Höhronen is doubtlessly the best area in the area of Zurich to train elevations. There are five difficulty levels. The way up to Hütten is quite easy along some fields and the street. From there up to Gottschalkenberg is the steepest part of the route leading crosscountry through a forrest. Further up to Höhronen is…