Self Grooming

Schürhof, Awards

Schürhof, Awards

Found the fastest way up to Chateau Gütsch via Schlössli. Further along the horse trails to Sonnenberg, down to Renggloch. Managed it today to take a photo of he wall with the awards from cow beauty contests at Schürhof. He definitely has the most beautiful cows in the region. Always wondering about his self grooming tools. Don’t know if they do it by themselves. Further on to Neuhof, Krienseregg, down to Himmelrich and Allmend. Spring fair at the moment, with a quite diverse clientel making me smile. Not sure if Instagram was saving edited photos inclusive metadata in the mobile library before, but today it was. Certainly helpful to check routines from time to time. So my album of this route is growing. Further I integrated the tour in OpenstreetmapHikr and Veloviewer to get a better understanding of geotagging and visualization. Here we go.

Strava, Run, 05.05.2016

Strava, Run, 05.05.2016





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